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Drinking Buddies were created in 2015 when we saw the opportunity to join two of our favorite things, Hunks and Cocktails! We became board with a standard  boring wine charm and we got tired of writing our name on our glass and it coming off on our hand, or worse... not coming off the glass!

Wanting to design the "perfect man" we designed the Original Drinking Buddies to have amazing abs and look great in a speedo! After the success of the Original hunky men, we created Bosoms Buddies Drinking Buddies to complement our favorite men drink markers. From there we have continued to expand our range of Buddies, each with a unique look. 

These Drinking Buddies are always ready to keep you and your drink company anywhere, just pick from our collection of themed buddy sets! As well as raising a laugh, Drinking Buddies are a sensible addition to any gathering to help avoid a mix up anytime the drinking are flowing!

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